How to make Gasoline at home



   Yes there are several ways to get some free off the grid energy. Like for example: Electric motors don’t just use electricity to run they also can produce it. when an electric motor rotates or to be more correct make a complete revolution (revs) it produces electricity, so if you were to find a way to make it spin you can use one way diodes to store that energy in a battery. Many people are doing this for free energy, using electric motors from fans, blowers, etc. They are making wind and water generators and storing the energy in car batteries. By using inverters they can use that energy to watch T.V., listen to the radio, charge there phone, and so on.

   Yes free energy is great but free electricity is Just the beginning, in fact free electricity could solve all of our energy problems, but there is another stepping stone that many people may have overlooked. FREE GAS! We cannot ignore our dependency on fuel. But here are a couple of fuels you can get for free and make yourself: Ethanol and Hydrogen.

By recycling (old or fresh) fruits and sugars and fermenting them you can run them through a still and make ethanol for free, or you can use your free electricity to make some free hydrogen gas. Hydrogen is highly flammable so please be careful. Using a negative and positive electrodes you can charge some water mixed with electrolytes (like salt, baking soda, etc.) you can produce highly explosive hydrogen gas. The next step if to store it in a way you can use it without blowing yourself up. Or you can make a hydrogen cell and use it as you make it.

  If you are interested in learning how to make gas at home but don’t know where to start there is a free book entitled “Gas Money, One dollar per Gallon” that shows you how to make these fuels at home using some diagrams and explaining how they work. If you would like a free copy of this book just go to the url or click on the link